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IDTC Career Center is dedicated to providing quality training to individuals interested in the Healthcare and Technology career fields.  Knowledge and proficiency are attained through demonstration; actual operation of equipment; and practice of learned techniques.  IDTC aim to provide students with the knowledge and technical proficiency that will make them employable for entry level positions in the Healthcare and Technology career fields.


IDTC Career Center is dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, of truth, and of virtue as the proper and primary ends of education. IDTC seeks to educate its students so they may develop the intellectual and moral virtues, prepares themselves for life and work in a problematic and changing world, and become leaders able to act responsibly for their own good and for the good of their family, community, and country.


IDTC understands human nature to be spiritual and physical, rational and free. It is guided by principles of learning that acknowledge transcendent standards of truth and excellence that are themselves the object of search in an education.


IDTC Career Center values its role as an educational leader, embracing change and responding to the complex needs of those it serves. The mission of IDTC Career Center is to make quality education affordable and accessible to the community, to provide leadership in workforce training, and support the economic development of the region.

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  • Hands-On—  Individual will receive hands-on instruction and the opportunity to work with live patients within our Clinical Lab and Dental Clinic.

  • Small Class Size — At IDTC, we limit our class size to allow every student to receive customized, hands-on training. There is NO waiting around or fighting to receive quality training.

  • Externship — IDTC has built in a 2-5-week externship to allow the student to practice in another fully functioning clinical setting in the DFW metroplex. We will place you with experienced clinicians based on your course of study.

  • Assistance with Job Placement — Upon graduation from IDTC, we assist our graduates with their job placement search. We have an extensive network of  providers that are continuously looking for new graduates!

  • FUN! — Last but not least, you will enjoy your 4-20 weeks at IDTC Career Center.

IDTC Career Center  is the leading training center in DFW area. We offer proactive, quality training in a safe and comfortable environment. At IDTC Career Center, your career is our number one priority, and we make sure to meet all your needs in a timely manner.


IDTC is the place to start. In today's job market, trained dental assistants and medical assistants are in high demand. Our goal is to help every graduate prepare for and actually find a job. We network extensively with Dallas-Fort Worth area Healthcare and Technology Professionals, which help graduates secure a position in the chosen career path.


Our center help prepare those who are wanting to enter the world of healthcare or Technology

The programs are offered at an accelerated pace and classes with flexible hours to better serve all students.


• To provide access to education without the limits of time, place, and distance.

• To provide career programs that meet the needs of students and employers.

• To provide opportunities for personal growth and cultural enrichment

• To deliver support programs to help students achieve their goals.

• To foster institutional diversity that reflects the demographic and cultural characteristics of our community.

• To lead in the creation of partnerships that foster the economic development of the region.

• To provide students with an understanding and appreciation of world cultures.

• To help prepare our community to succeed in the global economy.


IDTC Career Center aims to provide high quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunities and services — including technical and lifelong learning programs —that promote individual development and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community. We at IDTC Career Center pride ourselves in our tradition of excellence and in our historic mission of accepting all who desire to learn. We are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where the members of our community can attain their educational and personal goals. We encourage all to take responsibility for their learning, to discover their potential, and to achieve their ambitions. Recognizing that our diversity is an important source of our strength, we respond to the needs of our community and expect that everyone at IDTC Career Center respects the rights and affirms the dignity of all people. We strive to construct a safe and trustful environment where together we can engage in open dialogue.

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Admissions Office
2501 Avenue J, Ste. 115
Arlington, TX 76006

​Phone Number: (469) 299 8974
​Fax Number: (469) 480-4763

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