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Our programs are offered at an accelerated pace and classes with flexible hours to better serve all students. 

These programs are taught with a combination of lecture, practical experiences in the operatory and lab with a

real-world experience during the externship portion of training conducted off-campus at various facilities.

Classes take place in an actual office setting where you'll get hands-on training and become efficient in your career environment. 


Our Institution only recruits the best instructors who have over 10 years of experience in the field. We keep our student to teacher ratio low, allowing students to work closely with the instructor to master the profession. 


The curriculum in IDTC Career Center’s medical assistant program focuses on the clinical and administrative aspects of working in a medical office setting, immersing you in the practical aspects of providing medical patient care in a hands-on environment. Upon completion of this program, graduates can take the National Registered Certified Medical Assistant Certification Exam to qualify for employment in this field.


This program prepares a graduate to work as an entry-level medical front office assistant, receptionist, biller/collector, appointment scheduler, or medical records clerk in healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, medical billing offices, and other non-medical office settings Students will learn basic office skills, learn to take patients' vital signs, create & manage medical charts and records, learn to use proper accounting & bookkeeping methods and proper methods of processing insurance authorizations, claims and billing. Graduates will also be able to perform basic first aid and CPR.


The curriculum in IDTC Career Center’s phlebotomy technician program focuses on the preparation of patients and site for specimen collection, collection of venipuncture and capillary specimens for testing following nationally recognized standards and institutional procedures. Students are also taught how to prepare specimens for proper transport, ensuring the integrity of the sample. IDTC Careers and it's students adhere to all HIPAA and confidentiality guidelines, including all Code of Conduct and integrity programs instituted by the employer.


This course prepares a graduate to work as an entry-level Patient Care Technician in a clinic, hospital, or long-term care facility. Graduates will be able to check vital signs, assist in medical examinations, perform electrocardiograms, basic laboratory procedures, and phlebotomy. This program is taught with a combination of lecture, practical exercises in the medical laboratory, and with real-world experience during the externship portion of training conducted off-campus at medical facilities


This course prepares individuals interested in starting a career in the medical field, prospective patient care technicians, current nurses or those looking to develop skills will benefit from this program. This is a comprehensive 56-hour course including labs. The certificate program will assist students in preparing for EKG certification exams


The curriculum in IDTC Career Center’s pharmacy technician program focuses on the introduction to pharmacy practice and the health care system with emphasis on the role of pharmacy technicians and their relationship with pharmacists. Includes effective written and oral communication skills in dealing with patients and other health care professionals; use of computers, automation, and technology used in pharmacy practice; health care organizations and managed care medicine; and both brand and generic names of the top 200 drugs.

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