Pharmacy Technician  Program

IDTC Career Centers Pharmacy Technician  program consists of multiple courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant to the pharmacy field - including managing office operations, understanding pharmacy terminology and procedures, preparing medications, and updating patient records in less than 16-Weeks

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What is a Pharmacy Technician ?

A pharmacy technician would fall under the direct supervision of a pharmacist and assist them in dispensing prescription medication to customers or health professionals. They would measure the accurate amount of medication and mix or compound some medicines, depending on each state’s regulations. They may call doctors for authorization to refill a customers prescription.


Depending on where the pharmacy technician is employed (such as a hospital) they may prepare other types of prescriptions like intravenous medication. He or she would package and label prescriptions, collect patient information and payment and process insurance claims.

Pharmacy techs often take the inventory and note any shortages of supplies or medications. In addition to these duties they may be running registers, providing customer service, fielding customer calls, and locating over-the-counter medication within the store. They can be found working in a variety of places like clinics, hospitals, or other health care facilities. 


  • May work in any of the following areas: Automated dispensing, labeling, manifesting, packing and receiving. With additional advanced training, may be authorized to work in manual fill.

  • Assembles drugs and supplies. Assembles and packages drugs and supplies for mailing to patients. Knowledge of special packing techniques for various medications, e.g., narcotics, refrigerated items, bulk supplies and nutritional products are required. May also be required to manifest packages for appropriate delivery services.

  • Transports stock from receiving to storage and dispensing areas.

  • Assists in daily cleaning, to include emptying and/or relining the trash receptacles and breaking down cardboard boxes and preparing for disposal and/or recycling.

  • Recommends changes for the improvement of workflow, work methods and priorities involved.

  • Reports downtime problems, actions and resolutions for all interruptions in production that exceed 10 minutes.

  • Accurately interprets, fills and readies prescriptions with appropriate medications and/or medical supplies for pharmacist verification.

  • Assists with basic inventorying activities and checks for outdated pharmaceuticals.

  • Alerts appropriate personnel when automated dispensing equipment is compromised.

  • Receives all pharmaceuticals including restricted pharmaceuticals e.g. controlled substances, into the inventory database, storing, and ordering pharmaceutical supplies.

  • Receives supplies and checks receipts against requisitions. Checks for shortages, tampering, breakages, deterioration, and date of expiration.

  • Selects and transports to proper storage and dispensing areas for pharmaceuticals, e.g., poisons, flammables, perishables, controlled substances, etc.

  • Cleans workstation and replenishes all materials needed i.e. labels, papers, bottles, etc, to perform daily duties.

  • Identifies, remedies, and/or reports tote traffic back-ups.

  • Complies with Safety, Occupational and Health Standards and Policy.

Work Schedule:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 52% most work in pharmacies or drug stores, which are often in retail or grocery stores. This occupation requires one to stand on their feet for long periods of time and normally works full-time hours, some work weekends and holidays as well.

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