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IDTC Career Centers Network Support  Technician  program consists of multiple courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant to the Information Technology field in less than 12-Weeks

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What is a Network Support Technician ?

Network support technicians undertake tasks related to network development and maintenance. They also troubleshoot computer issues and provide technical support and guidance to employees. The purpose of this job is to create and maintain well-functioning network systems that help the business operate smoothly. This job is well suited to people who enjoy working with technology, have strong problem-solving skills, and take an analytical approach to their work.


  • Network support technicians carry out a variety of duties depending on the organization they work for. Based on job listings we analyzed, their duties typically include:

    • Design and Install Computer Networks

      • One of the network support technician’s primary tasks is designing and installing computer networks that run as effectively as possible to best serve the company’s business goals and daily operations. This involves checking connections and cabling and testing that devices are working as they should.

    • Troubleshoot System Failures

      • Network support technicians inspect system failures to identify the problem and highlight any bottlenecks that could slow down the network. They ensure the network and infrastructure are as efficient as possible and fix any problems or bugs that have been identified.

    • Test Software

      • A key part of this job is testing software to configure it correctly, in addition to maintaining or repairing hardware and devices when issues arise. Regular tests and data backups are performed regularly throughout the year to ensure the system works efficiently at all times and to protect the company’s data.

    • Organize Upgrade Schedules

      • Network support technicians regularly organize and plan system maintenance to check everything is running as it should. They schedule these checks in advance to avoid interrupting daily workflow. They also evaluate the network’s performance to see if it can be improved.

    • Provide Technical Guidance

      • Network support technicians help colleagues or clients with their computer and network usage problems, offering technical direction, instructions, and advice where they can to resolve the issues.

Work Schedule:

Network support technicians usually work full-time hours. Because companies often require their computer systems to run constantly, evening and weekend work may also be required. 

Taking your Network Technician career to the next level:

There are some very interesting avenues that you can look into. 

1) Network Administrator : Probably the most important job in any organization.This involves as menial jobs as making LAN cables and as complicated as designing network size dependent algorithms.

2) Network Researcher: They work on deep packet inspections,creating IDS(intrusion detection systems) creating attack resistant topologies and what not. They are handsomely paid and they projects they develop serve as the backbone for internet.

3) Hardware Engineers: They develop high speed switches and routers. The main idea is to develop switches that are fast and can be used to scale upto any level. This basically involves developing hardwares which are optimized for a particular type of switching or routing. Again several core networking companies invest a lot in this field.

4) Cloud and SDN Engineers: This is the new field that has emerged. SDN (Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Definition) is basically routing through efficient software design and they involve minimal hardware fuss and focus more on algorithm. Also due to rapid development in the field on Cloud computing it becomes very easy to access a very high end hardware remotely. Again several companies have started looking into this field lately and have started developing core algorithms.

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