Adult Basic Education Program

IDTC Career Center, Self-Pace Adult Basic Education program consists of multiple course topics to help you gain the knowledge and skills relevant to the GED Test. 

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Course Description 

A course for people preparing to take the GED Tests. Emphasizes the skills and strategies necessary for students placing at beginning high school reading and math levels to successfully complete the four GED tests: Social Studies, Science, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Mathematical Reasoning. Students are expected to register for and take the official tests when ready.

 Course Outcomes

  • Assess and develop readiness to take the Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies and Science GED tests

    • Develop or improve analytical writing skills

    • Develop or improve reading skills necessary to successfully complete the Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies GED tests

    • Practice computer skills required for the GED

How Outcomes Will be Met

We will meet the course outcomes by:

  • Developing critical reading strategies for GED-style readings

  • Writing critical responses to GED-style readings

  • Practicing computer skills

  • Reviewing and discussing social studies and science content

  • Practicing with the Data, Statistics and Probability math

  • Taking GED Ready practice tests

Taking your education and career to the next level:

Passing the GED can also help you advance your career. Even if you aren't interested in pursuing long-term post-secondary education, your new credential can help you access professional training programs at community colleges and vocational schools.

Your GED transcript can also help you get through the door at a new job or advance within your current company. GED Testing Service reports that 96% of employers accept the high school equivalency credential for hiring eligibility.

By taking the GED Program at IDTC Career Center ,provides a smooth transition into becoming Healthcare professionals.

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